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Reda R. Gharieb

Reda R. Gharieb

Assiut University, Egypt


Reda R. Gharieb PhD is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Assiut University, Egypt. He a senior member of the IEEE. He has worked as a research scientist for RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Saitama, JAPAN. His research includes the detection and diagnosis of epilepsy, sleep apnea, visual and auditory systems disorders. He was a senior research scientist for Infinite Biomedical Engineering, LLC., Baltimore, MD, USA.  His research was for the early detection and diagnosis of ischemic brain injury from EEG signal. He was a R&D scientist for Fairway Medical Technologies Inc. and Seno Medical Instruments Inc., Texas, USA; He worked on the development of their photoacoustic imaging (PAI) technology. He has developed algorithms for 2D image reconstruction in PAI of breast and prostate cancers. He also developed an algorithm for 3D image reconstruction in PAI of a small animal, using a rotated ARC-shaped sensor array. Dr. Gharieb has authored two books, 4 chapters and edited two books. He published about 60 research papers.  His research interests include development of computer and artificial intelligent systems and bioinstrumentation in recognition and diagnosis of diseases.

Research Interest

Bioinstrumentation, Diagnosis of diseases